Craftsmanship Collection


Essenza Collection

The Essenza collection represents the most minimal line of our creations.
Clean surfaces, rare natural woods and high-gloss finish are the elements that characterize a creation from the Essenza collection.
Nature, simplicity and beauty, this is our concept of "Essenza".

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Yacht Collection

The Yacht Collection is inspired by the most beautiful and prestigious boats in the world.
Precious woods, glossy finish and inlaid details with the utmost precision.
The products of our yacht collection will take you aboard your favorite vessel

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Masterpiece Collection

The Masterpiece collection brings together our most elaborate products.
Let yourself be enchanted by the meticulous and articulated hand-crafting techniques. True Italian craftsmanship.
The finest woods in the world are selected and processed with the most historic artisan techniques: The Marquetry.
We also work with precious stones, resins and rare metals to give a touch of uniqueness to our creations.

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